"What does the bond mean to you?"

“What does the bond mean to you?”

Well, as usual it’s all happening here at HumAnima CIC! There being only one of me, I’m having to really choose wisely where I focus my attention and as I have learned, multi-tasking simply divides your effort and efficiency! So better to put 100% in at each area than 50% in two!

But what have I been up to? Well, as some of you may know (those who are subscribed to our monthly newsletter) our one of a kind “Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling” course is now CPD endorsed by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). This means that the course is recognised as contributing towards an individual’s “Continuing Professional Development” so this really demonstrates just how valuable the course is.

Our next course is taking place in a few weeks time, and will be kicking off on Saturday 28th September at the lovely Linden House in Wolverhampton. There are a few places left so if you would like a copy of the brochure or would like to join us then please email me at [email protected] and I will email you. But do hurry as places are limited and I wanted everybody to be prepared for all the excitement and learning you will experience on this amazing course!

Exotic Zoo CIC

Exotic Zoo CIC

I’ve also been working on a new partnership I’ve developed with a fellow Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador – Scott Adams of Exotic Zoo CIC. They’re based in Telford and have a spiffing array of friendly, unusual, curious and intriguing exotic animals that include armadillos (I will admit they’re my favourite but shhh! Don’t tell the meerkats, Immy & Amara!), snakes, tenrecs, skunks, frogs, fruit bats and other weird and wonderful creatures! Granted not all are suitable for therapeutic interactions but that doesn’t mean that Animal Assisted Activities cannot still take place! It’s amazing what you can achieve when cleaning out or feeding the armadillos and skunks! I had the enormous pleasure of feeding the mackaw and armadillos last week and I must admit I came away with a huge grin on my face. Especially after hearing the armadillos loudly & enthusiastically chomp their way through their fruit cocktail!

I’ve been very lucky to have been selected to join the latest cohort of the new West Midlands School for Social Entrepreneurs. This is a truly unique opportunity that has already enabled me to meet and mingle with other fellow entrepreneurs and learn about the why’s, wherefors and hows of being a successful and effective social entrepreneur. At the launch event on Tuesday, in Birmingham, we heard from Alastair Wilson who enthused, inspired and humoured us with tales of success, social impact and of course of the history of the development of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

I’ve finally finished the first script for the first webinar of a series I am creating – “An Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling”, which will do exactly what it says on the tin! For those of you who have heard of Animal Assisted Therapy, wondered about the human-animal bond, want to know about the history of Animal Assisted Therapy or are curious about how working with animals can help people, then this webinar series will whet your appetite and tell you some of the basics. Not only that but it will also give you a bit of background and some of the foundations – great if you’re thinking of doing our 3 day course!

What does the HAI Bond mean to you?

Now, I want to hear from you! If you’ve got some stories of special animals in your life, moving moments with mammals (or other finned, furry, feathered friends!) or want to share the love you have for a special companion animal in your life then please do email me at [email protected] Some of you may remember that recently we shared the heartfelt words of a lady who’s beloved canine companion had passed over. This was her way of saying goodbye, of sharing her love and sending that out to the universe. Perhaps you have a birthday wish for your furry friend? Or want to show the world your cute companion? Well email me a brief of a maximum of 100 words and I’ll include it in the newsletter together with a picture. This is a chance for you to share the meaning of the human-animal bond with others.

"HumAnima CIC's Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling course"

“HumAnima CIC’s Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling course”