HumAnima CIC’s development continues at a smooth and steady pace. Next to the excitement, exhaustion is setting in. Despite that I continue to fight and battle and push and steam on forward to make this dream a reality.

With the blog up, HumAnima CIC’s social media presence has increased together with our new Twitter account and as I write this the website is being created by a wonderful friend and amazing designer and Reiki practitioner, Sarah. I simply cannot wait to see the website in action and get some feedback from all you lovely people and with that some business!

A press release is being prepared so look out for us in the news and to go with that, another lovely friend, Alice Marlow of Alice Marlow Photography (#Alice_Marlow) has taken some amazing photographs that I hope to put with the press release and the website. They really are lovely pictures! Thank you Alice!

Flossie mid bath by Alice Marlow

Flossie mid bath by Alice Marlow

I’ve been sorting out bits and pieces regarding paperwork and accounts and boring stuff like that *groan* but it has to be done and I’d rather be on top of it than not! I am constantly reinding myself of the terrifying statistics – the numbers vary – that around 50% of businesses fail within their first year of trading. However, with the recession on the situation is constantly trading. I can only hope that by being innovative, flexible and creative (and of course with a little hard graft) I can make this work!

To end on a high note, I will be attending an UnLtd Awards event next week to receive my Level 1 Award officially – a grant for the business together with business support. Very exciting!! So keep your fingers and toes crossed for a productive networking opportunity and lots of positive marketing!