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Developments at HumAnima CIC & the Reality of Impact

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a while again and whilst I have not been so present in the ‘blogosphere’ my mind has been racing nineteen to the dozen with thoughts and ideas!

We have a LOT going on with HumAnima CIC – at present an application is being put together to apply for funding to deliver Counselling and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) for free to the deprived communities in Wolverhampton. Haven’t a clue if we’ll be successful but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

I grew up in Wolverhampton, in one of the more deprived areas, so I have seen first hand what it can be like to live in this part of the community. Whilst everybody talks about pushing equality, the reality takes a lot longer to put into action. We can but chip away and push as hard as we can to contribute as much as possible to just one of the many communities that really could benefit from being given a little time, yes, money but most importantly, a listening ear. A multitude of people of different races, backgrounds and ages (to name but a few categories into which people are boxed into…) live in these areas and whilst it might seem obvious that they need money, what they could really do with is empathy, understanding and somebody willing to give them the time of day. Whilst growing up, I met a fair few people that could have been stereotyped as being, not so approachable, scary, stupid, dull or “benefit scroungers” who, if you took a moment to get to know them are in fact friendly (perhaps a bit shy), misunderstood, undervalued, ignored or disabled. In this way I feel I have been most lucky […]

New Year, New Resolutions, New You…?

It’s been some time since my last post as it’s all been happening. Several things have happened with HumAnima CIC, starting with the addition of two Directors to the Board.

Dr John Hegarty, has 40+ years of experience as an applied psychologist working in a university department, where he has carried out action research in collaboration with organisations for people with special support needs. He has a private practice in hypnotherapy and nature-guided counselling. He was a member of the EU scientifiic panel COAST 866 on “green care in agriculture” and has researched and published on people’s connectedness with nature and its health benefits. He is on the board of directors of two farm-based social enterprises and has established “Green Age” as a not for profit social enterprise offering day support on his farm for older people.



Mrs Susan Turner, has also joined the Board of Directors. Mrs Turner has a background in counselling and has worked extensively as a Counsellor and also in the learning disability field as a Senior Day Centre Officer. She has had a career-long interest in Gerard Egan’s Model, which is expanded upon in his book “The Skilled Helper”.


With our new Directors on board, HumAnima CIC will be able to deliver a more professional service. We will be working together to ensure that our work is of the highest standard and that we continue to deliver high quality, engaging, motivating and supportive services; be that through counselling or workshops.

Also, in light of the recent Permaculture course I went on, I am continuing to explore the nature in therapy theme. On the 14th January 2012, I will be attending a course at Keele University in their new Sustainability Hub buildings where Dr Hegarty will […]

Natural Horsemanship & Us

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a days course entitled “Introduction to Natural Horsemanship” at Kingdom Horse CIC near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. The course had been arranged by Kingdom Horse CIC and the wonderful Growing Rural Enterprise, who support those in or who want to start in rural enterprise.

The course was led by Ingela Larsson-Smith, an incredible professional horsewoman with an innate ability for Natural Horsemanship. Ingela’s no-nonsense approach quickly became clear but with an injection of humour she came across as a dynamic and motivating teacher (“Leader”). I have put “Leader” there as this is what much of our learning involved in the morning… Learning about horse dynamics.

Now I suppose I should start by saying outright that I am NOT a horsey person. As much as I would love to be, this was a past-time that evaded my youth, primarily because of its expense and also due to a lack of access to any horses! I have a very healthy respect for horses and I would add a mild intimidation of them, due to their size, power and perhaps, I am now realising, their ability to look straight into your soul, know what’s their without a second glance and read you like an open book. I have been horse riding on several occasions throughout my life, mostly in Poland when I was on holiday and when I lived there. I learnt to trot and canter (once) but the lessons were stretched so far apart that there was no continuity. As a result I didn’t get a chance to really build a relationship with any of the horses I worked with, which I can quite clearly see created a massive barrier to any […]

HumAnima is interviewed by West Midlands BIP!

Hello again everybody!

Recently HumAnima CIC was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the lovely Judith Radcliffe of West Midlands Business Information Partnership (BIP). You can find out more about HumAnima CIC’s origins and the Director’s inspiration, reasoning and influence behind starting this social enterprise! It is in 2 parts so please find the links below:

West Midlands BIP Interview – Part 1

West Midlands BIP Interview – Part 2

Animal Human Interaction: Research & Practice Newsletter of Division 17, APA

AHI Newsletter Autumn 2011

Please find attached (click the above link) the latest Animal-Human Interaction Newsletter. Filled with lots of information regarding the human-animal bond and the latest research from contributors all over the world. HumAnima CIC’s Director & Counsellor, Kathryn has herself contributed to this edition of the newsletter! Enjoy!!