“Public Mental Health & Communities”

Last Thursday, I prepared myself to attend what looked to be an interesting event. I had no idea what to expect but being a free event and relevant to my field and work I couldn’t help myself and jumped at the opportunity to mingle and learn more.

The stage was set by Councillor Sue Anderson of Birmingham who introduced us to the speakers, programme but more importantly gave us a preview of the stats and current public mental health scene. Some information to contemplate included:

1:6 people will experience mental illness symptoms at some point in their lives (1:4 is a more frequently used and widely accepted)
Mental health costs the economy £105bln per year
There are distinct connections between mental health, housing, employment and criminal justice (whilst this may seem obvious, this relationship is rarely referred to or reflected upon within treatment or accessing services in each of these areas. Multi-agency interaction is poor and lacks linking up and communication. )
Current models of care are unsustainable in the current economic climate
An estimated 90% of people with a mental health condition are unemployed

These are all pieces of information that had the desired effect of making people sit up and listen. But what really struck home is the current need to “Do more with less money. Doing things differently in a cost effective way for better outcomes. How can we meet what the individual needs in our cost envelope?”

And YET AGAIN… the conclusion that we heard echoed (over time as well as geographical space) was PREVENTION.

Dr Neil Deuchar (Medical Director of West Midlands Health Authority) started us off with a very informative presentation that gave a fantastic background to existing white papers concerning mental health and what the current […]

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