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“What a difference a dog makes” by Chris Kent, Reviewed by Marie Yates

What A Difference A Dog Makes; The ‘Tail’ of the K9 Project by Chris Kent (Review by Marie Yates of Canine Perspective CIC)


If you love dogs and you know that they have the power to change lives, you need this book in your life. Chris Kent takes the power of the human-animal bond to a whole new level. The beauty of this book is the raw honesty combined with true passion for the development of both the human and the animal. Chris, the founder of The K9 Project, shares stories of the humans and the animals that have made The K9 Project the incredible success it is. It hasn’t all been a bed of roses, and for anyone who works in the field, it is refreshing to know that sometimes, even if it doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped, there are always other success stories to focus on and other people and animals that will benefit. It’s a beautifully written, honest and powerful reflection that draws you in from the first page. It’s accessible, enjoyable to read and will be of interest to dog lovers, professionals who work with animals and people who are looking for a new way to engage with young (and not-so-young) people. Don’t underestimate the deliberate simplicity though; Chris is at the top of her game, she doesn’t just have years of multi-faceted experience, she has made it her mission to keep learning. Chris lives her passion and is a true inspiration to anyone who understands the real potential of the human-animal bond.


All proceeds from the book go to The K9 Project… please visit the website for details on how to order.





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Full Steam Ahead…!!!!

Well it’s been none stop for a good few months and it’s all going swimmingly.

On the 30th August Flossie and I attended Walsall Independent Living Centre where we were invited to speak to the public, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers about the work HumAnima CIC does and the services we offer. Needless to say, Flossie received bucket loads of fuss from adults and children alike.

The icing on the cake though was definitely the beautiful bouquet of flowers AND dog treats we received as a thank you for attending! 🙂 Flossie thoroughly enjoyed her treats and I even made sure she had them all to herself rather than having to share them with her son, Dinky!

We were officially welcomed into the arms of Social Enterprise West Midlands (SEWM) earlier in September and affirmed our new collaboration with a guest blog entry on their website. This has been well received and traffic to the website and blog has been gradually growing.

In the last few weeks though development on the app idea has exploded to FULL STEAM AHEAD! I am now working with Development Keys, Innovista and Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute on our new app. I am hoping to reveal all in the coming weeks as we will be presenting a blueprint, demo and design manual to potential investors at next weeks Social Enterprise West Midlands, Social Finance Fair. Everybody I have spoken to, with regards to the potential of the app has given it the thumbs up so it’s all looking very promising.

What I can say is that HumAnima CIC’s new app will act as a social catalyst and will bring dog owners and dog lovers together. With our app, users can enjoy each others and their […]

NEW DATE: “Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling” course – 6th October 2012

Following the success of our first course, the next “Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling” course will be taking place on the 6th October 2012 at Keele Sustainability Hub, Keele University, Staffordshire.

For more details or to book a place, please email Kathryn at info(at)

Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling course flyer

Success WILL come if you work hard enough!

It’s been a VERY busy month with lots happening. On the 18th May I presented to a group of people interested or already involved in Care Farming at a small care farm in Shopshire. The location was stunning and whilst the weather wasn’t fantastic, it was good enough for us to go for  a brief tour after lunch to see some of the animals on the farm. The course looked at “Animal Assisted Therapy in Care Farming” and addressed the history of Animal Assisted Therapy, the background to Care Farming, AAT’s potential role in Care Farming, possible techniques and of course, the all essential Health & Safety! The day went very well and feedback was more than encouraging and gave me the little “oomph” I needed to prepare for the “Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling” course.

Here is one of the feedback comments:

      ” I thought what a lovely lass she was. All the content and information was there, and it was in informative bite sized chunks. I really enjoyed it. When I saw how she relaxed with the animals I almost wished we had done things the other way around, as she positively shone from then on.”

Well that was all the encouragement I needed to get myself into gear and prepare for the upcoming “Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling” course. The course took place on the 9th June at Keele Sustainability Hub at Keele University, Staffordshire. It was very well attended on the day with a comfortable group size and no sooner did the click hit 9:30am than people started coming through the door. Delegates were welcomed enthusiastically by Flossie, who went up to each person, sniffed and wagged and waited for a fuss. […]