Project Description

HumAnima CIC is a West Midlands based social enterprise which focuses on providing a specialised and unique counselling service to those in the local area. HumAnima CICs Director, Kathryn, has lived in the area for most of her life and feels committed to assisting the local community.

At present HumAnima CICs developing projects are centred on a counselling service for disadvantaged communities who otherwise may not be able to access such vital aid.

The company is also aiming to work together with local businesses and establishments to offer its services.

HumAnima CIC is one of a kind in providing organisations and establishments with tailor-made Animal Assisted Therapy programmes. Together with your organisation and your clients HumAnima CIC can design, establish and implement an AAT programme to help meet your clients’ needs. Ongoing research points to the value of interaction with animals and nature in general. Programmes working towards a client’s psychological, emotional and physical goals might involve, for example, gradually increased social interaction with peers in a residential setting through therapeutic activities involving a therapy dog. Such activities might simply take the form of a game of fetch or a grooming session. [PIC]

HumAnima CIC is able to offer a confidential and effective service to you in a professional and accessible location in Wolverhampton or within your organisation’s own premises. All clients are invited to come to their first session FREE OF CHARGE to see how we might work together and if you are happy to continue, to introduce you to HumAnima CIC’s approach.

As a Community Interest Company, HumAnima CIC has a strong ethical conscience focusing on well-being and especially of those of the local area. Having a person-centred background, it is a non-judgemental, open-minded and non discriminatory service available to all.

Any profits made by HumAnima CIC are reinvested back into the organisation for further development and to help it to continue to achieve and support its social aims.