What a Difference a Dog Makes

What A Difference A Dog Makes; The ‘Tail’ of the K9 Project by Chris Kent (Review by Marie Yates of Canine Perspective CIC)


If you love dogs and you know that they have the power to change lives, you need this book in your life. Chris Kent takes the power of the human-animal bond to a whole new level. The beauty of this book is the raw honesty combined with true passion for the development of both the human and the animal. Chris, the founder of The K9 Project, shares stories of the humans and the animals that have made The K9 Project the incredible success it is. It hasn’t all been a bed of roses, and for anyone who works in the field, it is refreshing to know that sometimes, even if it doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped, there are always other success stories to focus on and other people and animals that will benefit. It’s a beautifully written, honest and powerful reflection that draws you in from the first page. It’s accessible, enjoyable to read and will be of interest to dog lovers, professionals who work with animals and people who are looking for a new way to engage with young (and not-so-young) people. Don’t underestimate the deliberate simplicity though; Chris is at the top of her game, she doesn’t just have years of multi-faceted experience, she has made it her mission to keep learning. Chris lives her passion and is a true inspiration to anyone who understands the real potential of the human-animal bond.


All proceeds from the book go to The K9 Project… please visit the website for details on how to order.


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