What Can Humanima Offer You? Four Areas of Expertise

HumAnima CIC specialises in providing services that will help improve and maintain positive mental health and well-being.

Counselling & Animal Assisted Therapy (A.A.T.) – We offer a professional and confidential counselling service within which clients can safely explore and address any thoughts, feelings or issues. Clients also have the option of partaking in a unique approach, known as Animal Assisted Therapy (A.A.T.), during which a trained and temperament assessed therapy dog is present during the counselling session.

We are also able to work together with organisations and establishments in order to design, establish and implement tailor-made AAT programmes created specifically for various client groups, to achieve mutually agreed-upon goals and objectives and to meet client’s needs. The programmes can be designed around an AAT approach, which works with the beneficial effects of the human-animal bond, or it can be designed around other nature therapy or ecotherapy approaches. This may involve therapeutic interaction with animals, humane education or therapeutic horticulture.

Due to the specialist nature of HumAnima CIC’s expertise, we are also able to provide presentations and workshops on a variety of subjects such as counselling, the human-animal bond and Animal Assisted Therapy. Be warned though – our presentations and workshops are infused with our passion for our specialisms and it is infectious!

Product Spotlight : Humanima’s 6 Week Webinar Programme @ ONLY £197

Why Choose Humanima’s 6 Week £197 Webinar Programme

      • Ever wondered why we love animals so much? Find out more about the human-animal bond in our online webinars about “Animal Assisted Therapy”!
      • Feeling stuck? Do you feel your past is holding you back? Stressed? Anxious? Traumatised? Listen to a session with Kathryn, develop life-balance, personal awareness & resilience & move forward with support, empathy & a non-judgemental Counsellor
      • Feeling lost? Looking for inspirational daily activities to stimulate you & achieve your personal goals, aims & objectives? Learn about our unique, individually tailored Animal Assisted Therapy Programmes
      • Want to work with Animals & Care for People? Consider our specialist “Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling Course” – Learn about the human-animal bond & how you can work with animals to help people!
      • We offer lots of support because we care about your well-being as much as you do.

What Humanima’s Webinar Client’s Say

“I found this course immensely useful, and thoroughly enjoyable. Kathryn engaged us from the start and I felt I learnt so much from the 3 days. If you have a genuine interest in Animal Assisted Therapy this is the course for you. Thank you so much for widening my skills and knowledge base.”
Leah Brzeska, AAT Course Testimonial, Post Graduate Psychology researcher, Newtown, Powys
“Kathryn’s course provided me with a great background to Animal Assisted therapy. She provided much research information with specific guidelines on animal welfare and ethics, Once great example (and star of the show) was Flossie, her therapy assistant dog, who greeted each candidate on arrival with a quiet friendly manner which set us at ease for the day, and gave an instant example of how animals can reduce stress and tension. Thank you Kathryn and Flossie for a day well spent.”
Victoria B. Berringer, AAT Course Testimonial, Counsellor, Staffordshire
“Kathryn and Flossie came along to one of our coffee mornings, which we hold for women and men who have been sexually abused. She explored the theme of how animals can assist people to cope with the effects of sexual abuse and rebuild their self esteem, confidence and feel safe again about touch. 12 survivors attended and really enjoyed sharing with each other, learning about how we communicate with animals and meeting Flossie of course! Kathryn and Flossie even helped one of our clients, who was terrified of dogs, to feel less anxious around them and by the end of the coffee morning he’d even had enough confidence to stroke Flossie. All the abuse survivors thoroughly enjoyed their time with Kathryn and Flossie and felt inspired about how animals could give them hope again after sexual abuse.”
Lisa Thompson, RSVP (Rape and Sexual Violence Project)
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